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aka "Community Guidelines"

  These are rules about what players shouldn't (or should) do to keep KoGaPlanet a free and safe space. Such rules apply to all KoGaPlanet community environments (Like our Discord server, for example), so once the rules are broken, you can be penalized in any of the KoGaPlanet community environments.
  We will not be very clear about the punishment for the player who breaks a rule, since it will be up to the moderator to analyze the situation and context, and anything else that may influence this decision.

⚠ DISCLAIMER: These rules only apply in communities and environments managed by LunarLatte Team, outside our platform, you are free to use our products in accordance with the Laws of your country, nation or state.


1. Don't be toxic with other users.

2. Do not share Gore or NSFW content.

3. Don't impersonate other people, especially staff.

4. Don't abuse someone else's naivety.

5. Avoid name-calling, although every now and then something might come off.

6. Do not spread any type of malware, ransoware, spyware, etc.

7. Don't encourage fights.

8. Do not participate in fights.

9. Have healthy and constructive discussions.

10. Respect everyone.

11.Do not share personal information such as Password, E-Mail, Phone Number or Location, whether yours or anyone else's.

12. Do not use cheats or anything that gives you an advantage over other users, or that hinders them.

13. Only warnings/announcements and statements coming from profiles of administrators or moderators are valid, any attempt to impersonate any staff member or moderator is prohibited.

There is one exception to the rules about morals and respect, which is in the case that all individuals involved agree with what is being said.


Like games, videos, etc.

1. Do not share NSFW, Gore or any other adult/heavy content.

2. Don't encourage fights, a good discussion is always welcome.

3. Do not create any type of toxic content, have a good relationship.

4. Do not encourage breaking any of the community rules, or platform terms.

5. Don't disrespect other players, regardless of race, religion, age, etc.

6. Do not harm Intellectual Property, Copyright, or registered content. We will not be responsible for content made available outside the platform (such as alternative sites, fansites, etc).

7. People have the right to freely use your work, once they modify and credit it. It becomes the responsibility of those who modified the changes in the initial project. KoGaPlanet is a free space where users collaborate to improve their games and the platform itself.

general coexistence rules
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