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Policies practiced by the LunarLatte Team on KoGaPlanet. All policies listed here should be read carefully by users, especially those interested in creating games for KoGaPlanet.



• The KoGaPlanet Website stores the following types of data:
- Personal data
(Email, Password, Display name, etc) These are used to create your online profile, which you can use on the KoGaPlanet website.

- IP adress
  We collect this type of data to provide content in your language, depending on the location of your internet server.

In addition to this, may collect additional data, we do not manage some of this data, so we cannot tell you how it is used.



• KoGaPlanet Launcher is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0. You can access it by clicking here.


2.1 - We authorize the use of games distributed on our platform through third party websites under the responsibility of those who made the website.

2.2 - The distribution of games developed using the KoGaPlanet software, or official variations, may only be distributed on platforms that do not violate the laws of your country or region.


3.1 - The LunarLatte Team is only responsible for the community-created versions of games made available on our website. Any game or version of a game made on KoGaPlanet, and made available on alternative sites such as; Fansites, alternative websites, among others.

3.2 - We are not responsible for what is shared on third party websites (such as fansites and alternative websites).

3.3 - We are not responsible for accounts taken in case the user has shared login information.

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