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3.3.4 devlog

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

What's up! and Happy 7 of September!

Today i'm going to tell a bit more about 3.3.4 Abyssinian new features and discuss about some incompatibility with older maps.

Well, the main objective of today's build were to setup our grounds to handle much bigger changes in 3ml and KogaPlanet as a whole. Outside the "visual" changes in KogaPlanet, LLT worked really hard under the hood to improve KogaPlanet code and make both the map creation and both the Codebase more standardized, in order to avoid some misconceptions that lots of testers and even Devs had, during the development.

And sadly, that forced us to make some changes that deprecated 2 essential features which KogaPlanet uses to render its maps.

Both symbols and map tags no longer works, or no longer works as you expect, and maps made before 3.3.4 build will crash if loaded into KogaPlanet Launcher 3.3.4 Abyssinian.

So please, before inserting anything new into KogaPlanet Games Catolog, check out 3ml user manual and download the latest KogaPlanet Build. More information about new Tile Overlapping feature is also available inside the manual.

Carrying on, we also had some great updates in our user interface! including a new debug info in the right side of the screen, new FPS display switcher and a new UI kit, the Harmony UI. Thanks Sukeeto!

New UI

New layer system Well, I think that is it, as i said before, today changes were very technical, and we are expecting to release something bigger over the time. Stay tuned!

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